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Why do I need a translator?
Unless you speak fluent Spanish you will need a translator as the Notary will not allow you to sign any official documents unless they are sure you fully understand the proceedings.


What is it and why do I need one?
An NIE number is a national identity number for a foreigner in a foreign country. It also acts as a fiscal number which is why you may be asked for your number when purchasing a house or car.


Do I/we need a Spanish will?
The simple answer is yes most definitely. If you do not have a Spanish will it may be left to the authorities as to how your estate is dealt with and this would be under Spanish law which differs greatly from English law.


What paperwork do I need to do if my partner or a relative dies?
When a person dies in Spain there is an inheritance process to go through and it can be made easier by putting in the hands of people who can deal with this


Property Sales in Mazarron Over the years we have accrued a large knowledge of what people require when purchasing a home in Spain.

TIE cards post Brexit

What do I need to qualify for residencia?
Spain should be your principal home for more than 3 months of the year and it is now a requirement to provide proof of income and adequate medical cover.

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"Well done you two"
Thanks for all your efforts!!  We are glad that the buyers like the house, we hope they enjoy it.
David, Happy Customer
"I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. "
Your calm and completely uncomplicated way you have managed my affairs in Spain.  I have been able to leave everything in your hands without worry and concern.
Linda, Happy Customer
"Thank you for the efficient service once again!"
Gwen, Happy Customer
"Thank you again"
Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all of the work you have put in on our behalf, particularly during the last year. Your assistance with the inheritance process particularly helped us during a very difficult time. This, together with the professional and friendly way you have dealt with the sale of the villa, has made our lives a great deal easier.  From everything I have seen, the service you provide is exemplary. You have been able to guide us through what seems (from the outside) to be a real legislative minefield both in terms of cost and process. The advice has been clear and to the point from the outset enabling us to build up a level of trust which we felt we needed when we were somewhat remote.We could not have wished for anything more.
Jared, Happy Customer

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