What paperwork do I need to do if my partner or a relative dies?
When a person dies in Spain there is an inheritance process to go through and it can be made easier by putting in the hands of people who can deal with this for you and know the language and the correct procedure. The first thing that we need to do is to present the death certificate to the Notary to obtain the original Spanish will.

What if the person has died in the UK and the death certificate is in English?
The death certificate needs to be translated and notarised in Spanish. We can supply details of how this can be done – the same applies if there is no Spanish will and an English will has to be used (see the page on Spanish wills)

If the partner/relative has left the house to me do I get new deeds?
Yes you do and this is part of the paperwork that we take care of.

How much tax will I have to pay to inherit?
There is no specific answer to this as the taxes are on a sliding scale and take in to account a number of different things.

Can I sell the house to pay the taxes?
This would not be possible as you cannot sell a property until you own it and in order to own it you have to go through the inheritance process.

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